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January 27, 2016

One of the reasons TMJ is often undiagnosed in Indianapolis and throughout the country is that its symptoms are easily attributed to other, less serious conditions. As such, many people don't consider seking diagnosis and treatment, which means they're left in needless pain and discomfort.

You should avoid this, and you can avoid this. We urge you to arrange a consultation with Dr. Phelps as soon as possible if you're experiencing:

  • ...

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January 20, 2016

When you lose a tooth as an adult, you probably tend to think of the aesthetic implications. And it's certainly true that a lost tooth can mar an otherwise lovely smile. But the issues with missing teeth extend far beyond the aesthetic.

There are a range of serious oral health issues that come with a missing tooth. As such, it's absolutely vital that, if you've lost a tooth in the Indianapolis area, you visit our dentist's offie as soon as possible....

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January 13, 2016

If you're missing a tooth, replacing it is absolutely vital to avoiding all of the serious problems associated with missing teeth. And if you're like many Indianapolis-area patients, you've probably heard a lot about dental implants.

Implants are popular for many reasons, including their inconspicuous nature- no one will know your new tooth isn't real. That's important. But even more important is the durability of dental implants.


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January 06, 2016

Dr. Phelps is a trained prosthodontist. This means he is uniquely equipped to help Indianapolis-area patients like you restore your teeth and gums to an impressive state of health and beauty.

Restore” is the important word there because prosthodontists specialize in restorative dentistry, which focuses on repairing broken teeth and replacing missing teeth. Obviously, both of these things are incredibly important if you want a beautiful smile and good oral health.

Prosthodontics is a specialty recognized by the American Dental Association. Dr. Phelps completed a rigorous post-dental school...

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