Finding the Right Procedure For You

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You've finally decided that you have a dental problem that can't be fixed with standard dental hygiene practices. You need something more significant, more targeted. You need a procedure that's specifically designed to address your concerns.

Indianapolis, IN Dentist | Cosmetic Dentistry ProceduresBut how do you know which procedure is right for you? How do you know if you need a more significant procedure, or if a more basic one will suffice?

The answer is simple: you trust the experts. You don't have to make this decision by yourself. Dr. Phelps will help you find the procedure that achieves your goals as safely and simply as possible.

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Personalized Care

Our approach is defined by a simple insight: every patient is unique. Obviously, everyone has broadly similar traits to their teeth, gums and jaws. But Dr. Phelps' decades of experience has taught him that each patient must be treated respectfully and with an understanding of their goals, priorities and concerns.

When you come to us to discuss a procedure, we will listen without any pre-conceptions. Our conversation will be driven by what you wish to achieve and the nature of your concerns.

The process of determining the procedure that's right for you begins with your initial examination. We will closely examine your teeth, gums and jaws to determine if your problem is structural in nature.

We have advanced technology that can help. Dentistry is all about information- you can't make a proper diagnosis, let alone a treatment recommendation, without first knowing all there is to know about the state of your oral health. We'll take clear images of your teeth, gums and jaw, then use those pictures to inform our recommendations.

All of the procedures we offer are safe, commonly performed and quite effective. But it's crucial to ensure that you only undergo a procedure when it's appropriate.

If you're looking for an Indianapolis, Indiana-area dentist whose experience and judgement are beyond reproach, please call Dr. John Phelps today at 317-818-9858 for a consultation.