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Dr. Phelps has a long track record of helping patients who are unfortunately missing all of their teeth meet their dental needs. Edentulism, the state of missing all teeth, is a problem for many people.  Without teeth, or suitable replacement teeth, eating, speaking and smiling can be very difficult. Self-esteem and confidence suffer as well. Conventional dentures are one option to replace all missing teeth.

If you live in the Indianapolis, Indiana area and you want to learn more about your dentures options, please call Dr. John Phelps at 317-818-9858.

What You Should Know About Dentures

There are certain popular misconceptions about dentures that often make patients reluctant to choose them. Dentures are often portrayed as clumsy, uncomfortable, one-size-fits-all devices that cause a "sunken" facial appearance. With this reputation, it's not surprising that many people are concerned about dentures.

Fortunately, the reality is quite different.

The dentures offered by Dr. Phelps are customized for your specific needs. You will receive a set of dentures that is right for you. Dentures can be customized for:

  • Fit
  • Function
  • Your specific facial structure

We take your dental and aesthetic needs seriously. Dr. Phelps is committed to ensuring that your dentures are functional, comfortable and attractive.

In some circumstances, dentures can actually be anchored by dental implants, providing you with a full set of replacement teeth while taking advantage of the strength, stability and durability of implants.

We will be happy to discuss your teeth replacement options at an initial consultation. Dr. Phelps will examine your gums and remaining teeth and make a recommendation based on his many years of experience.

If you're an Indianapolis, Indiana resident in need of significant teeth replacement, dentures might be the right choice for you. Please call Dr. John Phelps at 317-818-9858 or contact us online.