Gum Disease & Treatment

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Because your teeth are quite visible, and because a nice smile is so important, many patients conceive of dentistry in terms of their teeth. And there’s no doubt that healthy, beautiful teeth are high priorities.
However, keeping your gums healthy and disease-free is every bit as important.  Gum treatment is absolutely crucial in those cases where gum disease has already taken hold. Dr. John Phelps is experienced with both prevention and treatment. Frequent, regularly scheduled appointments with our dental team can keep your gums healthy, while treatment can remove the dangerous disease that is threatening your oral health. If you’re an Indianapolis, Indiana resident in need of gum treatment, please call Dr. John Phelps at 317-818-9858.

What is Gum Disease?

Your teeth and gums are constantly beset by bacteria. Much of this bacteria is harmless or even beneficial. However, plaque and bacteria caused by molecules of food, drink and other outside factors can be decidedly harmful.In essence, gum disease is an infection of your gum tissue. Common symptoms include:
Because your teeth are set in your gums, this diseased tissue presents a serious threat to your teeth. In fact, gum disease is one of the leading causes of teeth loss in adults. Good dental hygiene can prevent gum disease. But prevention sometimes fails, and you’re left dealing with the reality of gum disease. Dr. Phelps is equipped to provide treatment.

Gum Treatment

If your gums are swollen and inflamed as a result of a build-up of tartar and plaque, there are several treatment options. Many of these are surgical, and if the problem is serious enough to warrant these choices, we will have a discussion with you about your options. A more common gum treatment, however, is scaling and root planing, more commonly known as “deep cleaning.” With this treatment, Dr. Phelps’ Dental Hygienist works under the gum line to scrape away tartar and plaque while also smoothing out rough spots on your teeth. This thorough cleaning provides an excellent solution to gum disease and can eliminate the discomfort you might be experiencing. Far more preferable, however, is preventing the development of gum disease in the first place. That’s why it’s so important that you see our dentist as often as deemed necessary for your level of disease. If you live in or around Indianapolis, Indiana and you have questions about gum treatment, please call Dr. John Phelps at 317-818-9858 or contact us online.