Implant, Esthetic and Reconstructive Dentistry

Little did I know that,16 years ago, I would finally find the answer to my horrific dental woes in Dr. John Phelps. I had been to one too many dentists, who were not helping me. When I was told that I needed to see a prosthodontist, and it was explained to me that this specialty was all about restoration and dental issue problem solving, I knew I was finally going to be in the right place. Immediately I could tell that I was going to have the best possible care, and I continue to trust that Dr. Phelps will find a solution to any future dental problems that I will have. His ultimate goals are longevity, and satisfaction, with his restorations. He is very meticulous in his work. Also a plus…a wonderful staff that has your comfort at the top of their list.

Text message this morning – “We are looking forward to your appointment…Take PRE-MED if needed.” Thank you – almost forgot my pre-med! Superb attention to small things is one of the many reasons Dr. Phelps has been my dentist for the past 6 years. He and his Team - Ann Marie, Markita, Penny, and Kirk – are totally patient focused. I’m consistently greeted with a warm smile and pleasant conversation. The Team demonstrates actively listening skills to assure my clinical needs are met. I’m very happy that Dr. Phelps will explain dental procedures he’s performing as he’s performing them. This helps me relax. I can honestly state I enjoy my dental visits with Dr. Phelps and his Team. They make this patient feel most special…and my healthy teeth are the best testimony to their quality practice.

I would recommend Dr. Phelps with enthusiasm and without reservation. I have been a patient of Dr. Phelps for more years than I care to remember. His office is small enough to provide a patient with a caring atmosphere where you do not experience the anxiety of anticipated discomfort and pain. On arrival one is always greeted by a staff that is congenial and professional in every respect, and his staff is very exact in scheduling to insure that there is never anything but a short wait, if any at all. Dr. Phelps has taken care of all of my dental needs over the years, has exhibited great flexibility in scheduling, and has always been available for emergency concerns, of which I have had more than a few over the years. His entire staff, dental assistants, and hygienists, render the same high level of professional care. I am a retired lawyer, and even though I now spend most of my time in locations other than Indiana, I always travel to Indiana to get my periodic cleanings done and any other dental procedures that I require.

My experience with Dr. Phelps has been nothing but great. He has two or three of the best assistants. His wife did a great job in scheduling. I would recommend this dental office to anyone who needs Implant Esthetic, and/or Reconstructive dentistry.