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Millions of Americans suffer from severe dental anxiety.  This isn’t the usual nervousness about going to the dentist that many patients experience.  Dental anxiety is severe, and it can keep patients from undergoing needed dental work.

Dr. John Phelps is not only a proven, experienced Indianapolis dentist – he is known throughout the area for his ability to treat patients suffering significant dental anxiety.

Understanding that keeping patients informed at all times of what to expect, and respecting patients’ involvement with each appointment, Dr. Phelps can help if you’re a patient who has long suffered from dental anxiety.

If you live in or around the Indianapolis, Indiana area and you want to learn more about how sedation dentistry and other techniques can be used to ease your anxiety, please call Dr. John Phelps at 317-818-9858.

Dealing with Dental Anxiety

The first step to addressing your dental anxiety is to ensure that you view our office as a safe space. Many cases of dental anxiety are caused by traumatic memories of unpleasant and uncomfortable dentists’ offices. As such, Dr. Phelps and his staff have worked hard to create a pleasant, relaxed atmosphere. Our office is a place for you to relax and undergo needed dental work. Every member of our team is trained and equipped to treat you with respect and dignity.  We will not push you into any procedures that aren’t right for you.  You will not be pressured at any point. Dr. Phelps is committed to answering all of your questions and addressing all of your concerns.

Sedation Dentistry

The dental community has recently discovered the potential of sedation dentistry, which is the practice of using sedatives to make a patient relaxed and comfortable before a procedure. There is a range of possibilities within the field of sedation dentistry – up to and including the use of intravenous sedation before a procedure.

Dr. Phelps does not practice some of the more significant and involved forms of sedation dentistry.  However, if you suffer from dental anxieties and simply cannot get through a procedure without assistance, we do offer oral sedatives and nitrous oxide in specific circumstances.

These sedation techniques are safe, proven and effective, and we will only use them if you are comfortable with them and do not possess any allergies.  They will not render you unconscious – instead, you will be in a pleasant, relaxed, almost dream-like state which will allow you to respond to our dentist’s instructions.

These techniques can help you get through needed procedures, whether those procedures are general or cosmetic in nature. The important thing is making sure you get the dental care you deserve.

If you live in the Indianapolis, Indiana area and have questions about sedation dentistry and your options, please call Dr. John Phelps at 317-818-9858 or contact us online.

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