How Can You Treat a Gummy Smile?


On occasion, an individual’s gums will become overly prominent, masking their teeth and creating the appearance of a smile dominated by the gums. This so-called gummy smile is one of the most common cosmetic problems.

Many of our Indianapolis-area patients suffer from a gummy smile and wish to eliminate the problem permanently. Fortunately, Dr. John Phelps can do exactly this.

Once Dr. Phelps thoroughly examines your teeth and gums to determine the cause of your gummy smile, we can create a plan to address it. This plan will be based on your specific needs while protecting the health of your teeth and gums.

Sometimes, this treatment will rely on porcelain veneers or dental crowns. In other circumstances, the best plan will be a direct alteration of your gums.

The only way to know for sure which options is right for you is to arrange a consultation with Dr. Phelps. Whatever the right course of action, we can permanently eliminate your gummy smile.

If you live in or around Indianapolis, Indiana and you want to address your gummy smile, please call Dr. John Phelps at 317-793-6133 for a consultation. 

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