Root Canal

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Infection in the pulp chamber of a tooth is a very serious issue. Left untreated, these infections will lead to tooth loss and can even contribute to larger systemic health problems. To avoid these larger complications, it is best to undergo a root canal at the first indication of tooth infection.

Symptoms that you may need a root canal include:

  • Sharp pain when biting and chewing
  • Dull pain that radiates from a tooth into the jawbone or neck
  • Increased tooth sensitivity to hot and cold temperatures
  • Darkening of tooth enamel
  • Ear pain and ringing

Some tooth infections will also result in swollen lymph nodes, facial swelling, and fever.

If you are experiencing any of the symptoms of a tooth infection in Indianapolis, please contact John R. Phelps, DDS, MSD to schedule an examination today. Appointments can also be made by calling 317-818-9858.

The Root Canal Procedure

Despite its rather frightening reputation, the root canal procedure is no more invasive than a typical dental filling. During a root canal, Indianapolis dentist Dr. John Phelps will:

  • If you have an infected tooth, you need a root canal. Call 317-818-9858 to schedule a consultation with Indianapolis prosthodontist Dr. John Phelps to learn how we can save your tooth from extraction. Prepare the area with localized anesthesia
  • Make a small access hole in the infected tooth
  • Use special instruments to gently remove infection and debris from the pulp chamber
  • Flush the tooth with a medical solution
  • Seal the pulp chamber and close the access hole with dental resin
  • Cover the tooth with a CEREC dental crown

The root canal procedure can most often be completed in a single office visit. However, if your infection is more advanced, the tooth many need antibiotic treatment before being sealed and covered with a crown. During your tooth infection examination, Dr. Phelps can discuss this with you in greater detail.

CEREC Crowns

The root canals performed at our Indianapolis office are restored with same day dental crowns. Using CEREC technology, we are able to create strong and attractive crowns on site, allowing for the complete restoration of your smile in as short a time as possible.

Dental crowns created with CEREC technology are shaped and shaded to fit seamlessly into your smile. Natural-looking and incredibly strong, same day dental crowns require no special care and can last for several years. With routine daily maintenance and biannual visits to our office for cleanings and examinations, your CEREC crown may even last a lifetime.

Dealing with Root Canal Phobia

While a root canal will not result in pain, some patients feel uncomfortable with the idea of any dental treatment. If you are nervous about needing a root canal, Dr. Phelps would be happy to discuss your sedation dentistry options.

We offer both oral conscious sedation and nitrous oxide for patients who feel nervous about root canal treatment. We will assess your level of anxiety and discuss these options as needed during your time in our care.

If you have an infected tooth, a root canal is the only way to avoid losing it. Please call our experienced Indianapolis prosthodontist at 317-818-9858 to schedule an appointment right away. Dr. Phelps provides advanced dental service such as root canal treatment and CEREC dental crowns to men and women living in Carmel, Brownsburg, Noblesville, and all surrounding areas of Indiana.