Spring Cleaning?


When was the last time you visited the dentist? If it has been more than six months, now is the best time to call 317-793-6133 to schedule your next appointment with Indianapolis dentist Dr. John R. Phelps. Biannual cleanings are examinations are an essential part of maintaining peak oral health. Routine visits also allow us to thoroughly clean your teeth above and below the gum line, removing tartar and stains, and keeping your teeth healthy for years to come.

During your routine visits to our office, Dr. Phelps will provide both hands-on and diagnostic evaluations of your teeth, gums, and support structures such as the jaw joint. Small issues impacting the health or function of these things can often be easily treated when caught in time. Allowed to progress however and even the smallest of oral health issues can become a major problem. Visiting our office every six months allows Dr. Phelps to detect issues in their earliest stages and to provide swift treatment that prevents their turning into something truly worrisome. These visits also allow us to remove stains and polish the teeth, giving you a bright and attractive smile that reflects the underlying health of your teeth and gums.

Seasonal changes can serve as a good reminder to schedule a tooth cleaning and examination with Dr. Phelps. If you are overdue, please contact our Indianapolis dentist today to schedule an appointment and let us help you reach and preserve the strong and attractive smile you deserve.

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