What Problems Can Porcelain Veneers Address?


Are porcelain veneers right for you? Many patients in and around Indianapolis have walked away from their time at our practice absolutely thrilled with the results of their veneer application procedure, but it’s still important to determine if veneers are right for you and your specific needs.

The good news is that most patients are good candidates for veneers- if you have sound, healthy gums and no active infections you can probably have veneers applied with no great stress.

The important thing is making sure you have dental problems that can actually be addressed by veneers. Generally speaking, porcelain veneers are excellent at fixing:

  1. Chipped, cracked or broken teeth
  2. Irregularly shaped teeth
  3. Poorly spaced teeth
  4. Stained teeth that don’t respond to teeth whitening

If you have one or more of these issues, then porcelain veneers are probably good options for you.

Porcelain veneers are exceptionally appealing. They’re thin, strong, durable and inconspicuous. They make your smile shine, and the application process is quite simple and comes with almost no discomfort.

If you live in or around Indianapolis, Indiana and you think porcelain veneers might be an option for you, please call Dr. John R. Phelps today at 317-793-6133 for a consultation. 

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