Can Dental Implants be Used for Dentures?


Dental implants can be used to secure many different types of restorations. The most popular options at our Indianapolis office are:

  1. Dental crowns
  2. A dental bridge
  3. Dentures

When used to secure dentures, implants are placed at carefully selected locations throughout the jaw to provide multiple points of contact. This method of securing dentures can be used for partial or full sets and is much more reliable than adhesives, making implant supported dentures one of the best ways to replace larger sections of missing teeth.

Dentures held in place with adhesives can easily come loose or fall out. This makes tasks like biting and chewing much riskier and can even complicate speaking abilities. By contrast, dental implants will not come loose and are capable of restoring optimal bite tension and strength without risk of denture slippage. What’s more, because they hold dentures fast in place, there is no risk of dentures shifting and interfering with speech.

Dental crowns and bridges can also be held in place with dental implants. When implants are used for these restorations, they help prevent damage to adjacent teeth and work to restore greater strength and function than any other method. Better still, dental implants are the only tooth replacement option that works to prevent jaw shrinkage and collapse, issues that often follow tooth loss. During your initial consultation, Dr. Phelps can discuss this and other benefits offered by dental implants to help you determine if they are the best solution for your needs.

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