Same Day Restorations and Dental Anxiety


If you suffer from dental phobia or become nervous when thinking about visiting the dentist, you probably don’t have any desire to make multiple trips over the course of a few weeks. If you need a restoration, however, there haven’t been many alternatives in the past.

Traditional placement of dental crowns requires a visit for modeling, a visit for preparation, and a visit for placement. Assuming all goes well, only one appointment will be needed for placement. If not, more visits will be required – and if you struggle with anxiety related to dental treatment, each of these appointments can be torturous.

We are pleased to offer same day restorations at our Indianapolis office. Utilizing advanced CEREC technology, Dr. Phelps can create customized and natural-looking dental crowns, bridges, and inlays/onlays during a single office visit. This saves you time, sure. But if you struggle with dental phobia, it also saves you multiple trips and can help reduce your anxiety and discomfort.

Working to Keep You Comfortable

Same-day dental crowns and single visit bridges reduce the number of visits and amount of time you will need to spend in our office perfecting your smile. But they may not, alone, be enough to completely address your phobia. In these instances, Dr. Phelps may suggest sedation dentistry, one of the most effective and trusted methods of addressing dental fears.

The sedation options at our office are:

  1. Nitrous oxide – also called “laughing gas,” nitrous oxide provides near-immediate relaxation and can easily be maintained throughout your procedure. Once nitrous is shut off, you will be able to resume normal activities and get on with your day without having much memory of your procedure.
  2. Conscious oral sedation – for more extreme cases of dental phobia, oral sedation may be best. Administered before your appointment, oral sedation allows you to remain conscious but produces complete calm and relaxation. Oral sedation may stay in the system longer than nitrous. We recommend you arrange for a ride to and from your appointment if you are being sedated orally.

Both of the sedation dentistry services we provide are time-tested, trusted, and very effective. They have been selected by Dr. Phelps for their efficacy and record of safety.

We do not offer twilight/sleep sedation. IV sedation comes with several risks and is, in almost all cases, much more than is needed to achieve comfort.

Why Choose Us?

Dr. Phelps began serving Indianapolis and surrounding communities in 1993. Since that time, he has integrated into our practice the most advanced technology and effective techniques, enabling him to safeguard patient comfort while working towards the most pleasing results. Caring, dedicated, and attentive, Dr. Phelps works individually with each of our patients to help provide a comfortable and rewarding experience.

To learn more about Dr. Phelps or to schedule a consultation at our Indianapolis office, please call 317-793-6133 to schedule an appointment. We welcome patients from Carmel, Noblesville, and all surrounding areas of Indiana. 

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