What is the Best Option for Missing Teeth?


There are many option for replacing missing teeth. Some, like dentures, have been around for centuries. Others, like dental implants, are relatively new. The best option for your needs will depend on several factors, including how many teeth are being replaced, your current state of oral health, and similarly individual influences.

Dentures and Dental Bridges

Two of the most common tooth replacement options are dentures and dental bridges. Dentures can be used to replace several teeth or an entire arch. Bridges are typically used for single restorations or to replace a few teeth in a row.

Dentures and dental bridges hold restorations above the gum line. This helps prevent adjacent tooth slippage and restores function and beauty to the smile. However, once a tooth is missing, surrounding jawbone shrinks, which can alter bite tension and strength along with the appearance of the lower face.

Preventing Jaw Collapse

The only way to prevent jaw shrinkage and collapse following tooth loss is to replace the missing root. The only tooth replacement option that addresses the missing root is dental implants.

Dental implants are placed directly into the jaw. Once there they integrate into bone and become a permanent part of your jaw. This not only helps to prevent changes in facial structure, it affords the most reliable hold and natural-looking results.

A dental implant can be used to secure a single dental crown or multiple implants can be placed at once to replace serval teeth. What’s more, both dental bridges and dentures can be implant supported, helping to ensure even these less effective methods of tooth replacement are able to provide lasting and reliable support.

Finding the Best Solution

The best solution for your needs will be based on things unique to you. Indianapolis prosthodontist Dr. John Phelps offers a wide range of tooth replacement options, each fully customizable, to meet the varied needs of each patient. To learn which one is right for you, call us at 317-548-6217 and schedule a tooth replacement consultation today. Located in Indianapolis, Dr. Phelps welcomes patients from Carmel, Noblesville, Avon, Providence, and all surrounding areas of Indiana.

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